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Want to keep your appliances from rusting in your storage unit? Don't know how to prevent pests from getting into your linens? Check out the storage tips below from family-owned and operated Benbrook Secure Storage.

  • Protect items by storing them in the proper container, such as boxes, totes, or specialized boxes.

  • Clean, disinfect, and dry appliances before storing them.

  • Some appliances can be stored with the door slightly open and others can be stacked on top of each other.

  • Clean and dry all electrical equipment before storage.

  • Wipe down all metal surfaces and use a few drops of machine oil to prevent rust and deterioration.

  • Store books, files, and documents flat with bubble wrap or newspaper in any empty spaces.

  • Wash and dry all drapes, curtains, linens, and clothes to prevent pests and put them on hangers before storing them in cartons.

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  • Put similar items, such as dishes and glassware, in the same box and fill empty spaces with packing materials.

  • Take furniture apart and put the various parts on a plastic sheet or corrugated cardboard mat before moving them to a pallet.

  • Stack lightweight chairs on top of each other, not on top of other types of furniture, and cover upholstery with cotton dust covers.

  • Store lamp shades separately from the base and wrap the base in padding.

  • Prevent damage by storing music items such as CDs, tapes, and records in boxes or airtight containers.

  • Use dust covers on computer and TV screens and cover them in bubble wrap if they're being stored next to furniture or equipment.

  • Live animals

  • Perishables and liquids

  • Explosives

General storage guidelines

Storage tips

Prohibited items

  • Flammable liquids and fuels

  • Toxic materials

  • Anything requiring a controlled climate

Store your valuables properly

to keep them in mint condition

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